Saturday, 13 August 2011

My blog skillz are seriously naff compared to long term bloggers. I am trying to convey the fun and arty, maybe slightly poetic, but also slightly panicky and flashy feeling I get from living by the sea. I love taking photos at the moment. I wanted to do self-portraiture for a bit. The opportunities are not as easy to find as you may imagine.

I am a bit keen on poetry. The stuff above is based on mostly made up scenarios. I want to create a fictitious personality. It is an idea I have had in my mind for a while. I think it is because I want to use my creativity to understand other people's problems as well as my own.

I have a slight addiction to various substances. Coffee and chocolate. Soap and wool. I used to spend hours washing all my jumpers by hand in freezing cold water because I was so desperately worried that my jumpers would shrink. My hands became the victim of that particular obsession.

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